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Suhman Chung, Scientist, Process Development

Suhman Chung, Scientist, Process Development

Suhman Chung, PhD, is a Senior Process Development Scientist, where he is responsible for the design, execution, and documentation of Alphazyme’s enzyme purification activities, including new method development/optimization and transfer to manufacturing. Suhman has 15 plus years of experience in designing, expressing, purifying, and characterizing recombinant proteins and antibodies and extensive hands-on skills in protein upstream/downstream processes and probing protein-protein, protein-nucleic acids, and protein-small molecule interactions. Prior to joining Alphazyme, Suhman worked as a Senior research scientist for QIAGEN’s R&D enzyme development team for five years where he was involved in design, implementation, and continuous improvement of all enzyme development processes. Suhman earned his PhD in bioorganic chemistry at POSTECH in South Korea and did several years as a postdoc at Johns Hopkins, School of Medicine, followed by NCI/NIH.

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