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Francesco Melandri, Chief Scientific Officer

Francesco Melandri, Chief Scientific Officer

Francesco Melandri is a protein biochemist with over 20 years of life science product development and manufacturing leadership experience. Before joining Alphazyme, Francesco was the Vice President of Catalog Product Development for Cayman Chemical Company, responsible for the creation and execution of a multiyear product pipeline in the protein, kit, and chemistry divisions. Prior to his time with Caymen Chemical, Francesco was the scientific founder and CEO of Boston Biochem, a protein-based product company with core expertise in the biochemistry of the Ubiquitin Proteasome System. He led all aspects of business growth up to and through the successful sale of the company to Bio-Techne Corporation. Francesco also led the protein biochemistry group with ProScript, a biotech company that developed enzyme inhibitor drugs prior to starting Boston Biochem. That company was acquired by Millennium Pharmaceuticals, who developed ProScript’s lead compound into VelcadeTM (bortezomib), the first US FDA approved proteasome inhibitor drug for multiple myeloma. Francesco received his Bachelor of Science from Hobart College in Biochemistry. Francesco also enjoys collecting, restoring, and racing cars, traveling, and investing in real estate.

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