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Ashley Page, Business Operations Coordinator

Ashley Page, Business Operations Coordinator

Ashley Page, Business Operations Coordinator
Ashley serves as the Business Operations Coordinator at Alphazyme, bringing balance and organization to our team. For nearly ten years Ashley has demonstrated impeccable multi-tasking ability, reliable performance and focus while she held full-time positions and pursued an education. In her earlier years, Ashley worked at M. Page Cable Construction, Inc. performing skills such as; accounting, digital routing, electrical installation, employee training, communications, various Microsoft Office applications and payroll, as well as manual labor. In 2018 Ashley became an active member in the Science Education Alliance-Phage Hunters Advancing Genomics and Evolutionary Science program, where she successfully isolated and annotated a novel Microbacterium phage and shortly after earned a BS in Biology. Since then Ashley has participated in research with S.C. Johnson, South Florida Water Management, South Florida Mosquito Control and the University of Florida. Prior to Alphazyme, she worked as a Lab Manager at Florida Medical Entomology Lab and Institute for Food and Agricultural Standards where she practiced in bench work and excelled in office skills. Ashley continues her education online through Johns Hopkins University as a master’s student that is focused on sustainability. While Alphazyme continues to advance, Ashley will be a key provider in helping Alphazyme to become a conscious consumer as well as a sustainable supplier.

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