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The team at Alphazyme is best exemplified by a few key values which we believe hold the keys to our success:


Our team is made up of experts in the design, production, and analytical testing of enzymes. Sometimes that expertise comes in with the talent, but often we cultivate it internally. The development of a knowledgeable, informed, and empowered staff is a high priority at Alphazyme.

Operating a 100% custom projects business is not easy. We look for and develop a flexible mindset, the ability to manage change, and the perseverance to get the job done right, on time.

Our business requires constant, transparent communication with our partners and each other in order to deliver the right result when it’s needed.

In order to succeed in our business, our team, from the CEO down, must be able to see the world through the unique perspective of our partners. Our business is built by looking at it from the outside in, and creating solutions that make sense for you – not just us. We also keep a close eye on each other, and lend a hand or offer a break when needed.

We are building a great company by crafting win/win solutions. We ask you to “give us your ideal scenario,” and our job is to get as close to it as we can.

Meet Our Team

    • Chris Benoit

      Chief Executive Officer
    • Suhman Chung

      Scientist, Process Development
    • Jennifer Coady

      VP, Finance
    • Chad Decker

      Chief Operating Officer
    • Gary Drotleff

      Quality Control Technologist
    • Thomas Duffy

      Quality Engineer
    • Carle Dugan

      Lab Technician
    • Vivian Franklin

      QC Technologist III
    • Ryan Hughes

      Scientist, Protein Purification
    • Dawn James

      Associate Scientist, Process Development
    • Ania Knapinska

      Ph.D., Director of Research and Development
    • Ashley Page

      Ashley Page, Business Operations Coordinator

      Business Operations Coordinator
    • Thomas Penrose

      Scientist, Process Development
    • Stephana Petrino

      Vice President of Quality
    • Michael Rood

      Ph.D., Assay Development Scientist
    • Samantha Stackpole

      Office Manager

Our Team:

Alphazyme is a premier provider of industrial-scale, molecular biology enzymes.

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