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Fermentation Development Scientist


Location: Jupiter, FL
Reports To: CSTO
Status: Exempt


About the Job
The Enzyme Development team is responsible for creating new enzyme constructs, including engineering novel gene sequences, cloning genes into microbial production strains, and optimizing host strain growth conditions to maximize production of the target gene.
Our team is tasked with finding creative ways to deliver enzyme producing organisms that push the production capacity of our targets to the biological limit.
As part of this team, you will develop and scale bacterial and eukaryotic growth methods, working in collaboration with Alphazyme’s host strain technology partners, your enzyme development team colleagues, and the protein purification team in a rapidly iterating feedback loop to deliver optimized batches of work-in-progress product to the purification team on time, and to the desired specs.
You’re highly experienced in fermentation method development in bacteria and eukaryotes, understand critical optimization parameters and how they fit together, and have a clear sense of how to arrange your work in order to meet tight deadlines. You are versed in state-of-the-art fermentation systems and can evaluate platforms and make recommendations to support Alphazyme’s scaling business. You’re detail oriented and can work on several competing projects simultaneously. You can communicate results and next steps efficiently, and foster collaboration around the achievement of a common goal. You’ll be the main liaison between Alphazyme and our host strain technology partners and will play a key role in maximizing the efficiency of our production constructs.
The products you will create are the tools which our Clients will use to read and write nucleic acids in the fields of medicine, life science research, energy production, data storage, and other vast applied markets. Your work will support Alphazyme’s mission to be the partner of choice for firms who leverage the power of genomics to solve the most complex, urgent challenges facing humanity today.


  • Work with host strain technology partners to intake new enzyme constructs
  • Develop and implement microbial growth and induction processes to maximize crude product yields
  • Evaluate and recommend instrumentation solutions and external partnerships to support fermentation optimization and scale-up
  • Collaborate with scientific departments to communicate results, advance projects
  • Manage external partners to ensure the timely and accurate delivery of work-in-progress materials
  • Document microbial growth methods and capture batch records
  • Train other team members as needed


About Alphazyme
Alphazyme was founded in 2018 by experts in the field of enzyme development and production with a track record of success and a passion for supporting innovators in molecular science. Our mission is to be the world’s premier partner for custom, industrial-scale molecular biology enzymes. We partner with the manufacturers of nucleic acid therapies and detection platforms to develop and produce affordable, reliable enzymes which meet the specifications of the rapidly expanding market for custom DNA and RNA molecules, genomic medicines and genetic tests. Consistent quality, scalable production, and compatibility with regulatory requirements are the hallmarks of our business.

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